20-20 Home

20-20 Home pick up and delivery service

20-20 Home is owned and operated by three brothers, Matt, Dame and Ben Ford who pride themselves on providing quality dry cleaning and service.

20-20 Home will come and pick up your rugs, curtains and furnishings, have them cleaned utilising their modern and sophisticated equipment, then return to your home in a manner you will be proud of.

Range of quality services:

Hand cleaning of floor rugs

All floor rugs (Persian, silk, oriental, durries, runners and flokatis) are professionally cleaned, colour revitalised, deodorised and fringes whitened. Restoring them to their original beauty.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are removed, beautifully dry cleaned, hand pressed, inspected for minor repairs and replacement hooks and then rehung by our professionals.

Bedspreads, Doonas, Blankets, Lounge Covers and Loose Furnishings Dry Cleaning

All collected from your home, dry cleaned, aired and steamed leaving them fresh, hygienically clean and free of dust mite and bacteria.

The advantages of dry cleaning

Dry cleaning enhances the look and life of items. In addition, it kills all dust mites and bacteria for a safe and clean home environment.